Politics UK is owned by News Hub Group Ltd. Company number: 14590599

Politics UK kicked off in July 2022 when we assumed control of the account from its previous owner. Our admins, who juggle running the account voluntarily with our student studies, are scattered across the UK. Our central aim revolves around getting young people involved in politics – and the way we do this, as students ourselves, is by sharing the news in a quick, short and engaging form.

In February 2023, Politics UK started to get recognised. Before that, our feed was mostly polls and here-and-there news tweets, not really helping us grow. We brought in new admins from X/Twitter, who started dropping political updates quicker than any other news outlet – all while keeping it short. And it worked – gaining 11.5K followers in two weeks from the already 30K following. Fast forward 7 months, we now have over 100K followers.

Our small group of admins mostly contribute to the account out of our own volition, often during breaks in our university or college studies, as a means to gain valuable experience in our respective postgraduate fields. Lately, X has introduced a monetisation scheme tied to any ads shown in the replies in the posts we create. While the returns are very small – roughly £50-100 each month – they are divided equally among all admins. But most importantly, admins engage in this as a fulfilling hobby rather than something to treat as a job or financial gain. We are not currently seeking donations from our followers for this reason. 

Editorial output

Our editorial output is managed by a group of admins who work together on a volunteer basis. We curate tweets from journalists, assess their newsworthiness, and draft a short summary for fellow admins. This process allows other admins to provide feedback on potential impartiality breaches, ensuring that the editorial output is a collaborative effort rather than the product of a single individual. This approach helps to identify and minimise any unconscious bias in the content shared. Note: breaking news may skip this standard owing to immediacy.

The account is committed to using a variety of sources in our reporting. We have implemented an automatic monitoring system that records and tracks news sources which are shared on the account to ensure that we don’t rely too heavily on publications that are politically biased, such as The Telegraph. This allows us to maintain a diverse range of sources for our editorial output. However, it is important to note that right-leaning newspapers may publish more stories due to their connection with the current Tory government, which could result in some days featuring content predominantly from the same newspapers.

To ensure impartiality in all editorial output provided by admins, Politics UK is regulated by IMPRESS. If you believe that the we are not upholding this standard, you are welcome to file a complaint on our website.

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