As you may know, we are operated by students with limited resources who dedicate time to providing political news in one place. This work is only monetised through X, but admins receive very little to no payment because of how it is calculated by X. However, we’re soon launching a subscription service on Patreon starting at £2 a month. Subscribing supports our Politics UK content and gives you access to exclusive perks like weekly polling analysis and previews of what’s coming up in the week ahead. This content is just for our Patreon community and won’t change our free news aggregation on X/Twitter, but it will increase our output. As this is a new venture, you are welcome to leave your suggestions down below. 

What would be included?

Below are examples of what we’re currently offering. 

Who is Natalie Elphicke – is Labour’s newest defector really a good fit?

Click below to see our ad-hoc article on Labour’s newest MP, Natalie Elphicke 

Uploaded 14 May, 2024

UK Politics Weekly Roundup – w/c 29th April

Click below to see our roundup of the last week in politics 

Uploaded 05 May, 2024

London Mayoral Election Polling Analysis

Click below to see our London Mayoral Election Polling Analysis 

Uploaded 30 April, 2024

What's Coming Up in Politics - W/C 29/04/24

Click below to see what’s coming up in the week ahead 

Uploaded 29 April, 2024

Your feedback and suggestions

We highly value your feedback and suggestions as we prepare for our upcoming launch. If there’s anything particular you’d like us to include, please feel free to share your thoughts using the form below.